Reaching the Top: Small Business and Social Media – Part 2

If you were too busy being a small business legend – and happened to miss part 1 of ‘Reaching the Top: Small Business and Social Media’, here are the highlights:

  • The majority of the world has (almost) infinite information in their pocket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Perspective client’s will likely do their homework before spending their hard-earned money
  • Social Media offers an easy (and free) platform to build your online presence, offering many tools to improve your marketing and allow you to target individuals that are more likely to want what you’re selling
  • Quality > Quantity
  • Relevant and informative content that enhances sales and/or presents solutions can increase leads and conversion rates.

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s continue the Social Media adventure (think TRON – except Olivia Wilde just goes around ‘poking’ everyone…)

Internet Presents Options

Thanks to the fact that just about everyone is connected through the internet, it’s important to acknowledge that your business will likely come across competitors along its journey to the top.

This is another reason why building an online presence is so vital in today’s age of technology.

Something as simple as a regularly updated blog vs. a stagnant blog could sway the buyer’s decision. An online presence should be seen as a seed, waiting to sprout out in glory. It’s your responsibility to provide the fuel required for it to achieve greatness.

Sticking with the seed metaphor, once your online presence has reached out and touched the sky, Social Media fulfils the role of the bees, spreading your influence far and wide!

Provide Incentives

Given that the internet often presents competitors, hooking the potential client in as quickly as possible is an important part of achieving business success.

While incentives will differ depending on your business, making the reader feel special is a great way to loosen the locks on their online wallets.

Sticking with our example in Part 1, Dirtbody, a skin care company specialising in coffee body scrubs, chooses Instagram as their main social media marketing platform. As skin care goes hand-in-hand with fashion, fitness, beauty and adventure, a platform that focuses greatly on visuals is an ideal marketing tool for them.

Incentives can include exciting competitions, handy coupons, useful deals and business-specific offers that aim to excite. Even if the incentive doesn’t directly lead to a sale, if the reader makes it onto your emailing list, social media has done its job – now the REAL fun begins!

Consider the Reader

As mentioned before, having infinite knowledge at your fingertips means there is constantly something new to read. Due to this, many people tend to only skim through online content.

Considering that the whole idea of social media is to be social, it’s important to provide content that encourages conversation. Social interaction is promoted through engaging content that builds curiosity and places the focus on the reader.

Invest in Freelance Copy

It’s often unrealistic to expect the owner of a small business to invest sufficient time towards building an online and social media presence.

Making use of freelance copywriters or content managers to nurture your online presence can lift a large weight off of your shoulders.

If the freelance partner suddenly stops performing, you can easily stop paying them the agreed upon retainer and shift your budget to a better supplier!


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