Reaching the Top: Small Business and Social Media – Part 1

We live in a time where endless information rests snug in our pockets. Thanks to this (and the tough economic climate in South Africa and the world), most people tend to do a decent amount of online research before spending money on any product or service.

Considering that your brand’s credibility is a few clicks away, it’s important to work towards an online presence that hooks perspective clients in and convinces them that making a purchase is an intelligent decision.

The easiest way to increase your online presence is by making use of social media. The multiple social networking services are free and can greatly increase leads and conversion rates – if used to their full potential.

Let’s discuss a few easy and effective social media practices that could help skyrocket your online presence, making it easier to position your brand as an industry leader.

Focus on Value

When it comes to utilising social media, it’s hugely important to remember that quality trumps quantity every time!

A small business wants to use social media to build brand awareness, attract people to the website and encourage a conversation between happy clients.

While the benefits of brand awareness are obvious, many business owners often underestimate the marketing benefits of social media content sharing and commenting.

Social media marketing tools make it possible for your content to seek out people that are more likely to want your product or service. Take Dirtbody, a local skin care company specialising in coffee body scrubs. They would locate people posting about beauty routines, fitness or the pure joy that coffee brings.

Valuable and relevant content is there to pull likeminded individuals to your brand, giving them a reason to add themselves to your emailing list and buy your product.

Invest in Content Marketing

As mentioned before, endless information is literally at our fingertips 24/7. One of the big downsides to this is that the ugly side of advertising has poked its disrespectful head into many things on the internet.

Due to this, a large majority of people have invested in ad-blocking type applications, rendering many classic online marketing techniques useless.

This is where Content Marketing comes in – sharing informative content that is not only relevant to the reader, but also provides them with an easy solution that is only a few clicks away!

“Could life BE any easier?!” – Chandler Bing

You’ll love watching your sales grow!

Excite the Reader

Believe it or not, most people simply skim through online articles (if they even read it at all)

Because of this, it’s important to develop content that is not only relevant and informative, but also easy to read and understand when scrolling hastily through it.

You’ll notice that this Growth Space blog post has made use of multiple punctuation marks (like brackets *see what we did there?*, dashes – and the asterisks) and even a false quote from a fictional character in order to create ‘eye excitement’, or as we dare to call it, ‘eyexcitement


The Future

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