2 Years of helping local businesses grow!

On 1 May 2015, Growth Space celebrated it’s second birthday and looking back, it’s amazing to see just how much this place has evolved since its inception.

Having started out with 12 seats in 100m²  in 2013, we moved to new premises in March 2015. Growth Space today offers 980m²  of office space and houses 50 local , national and international businesses. With over 100 entrepreneurs and their employees roaming the halls, it’s a vibrant, exciting place to work which continues to offer a productive work space for all its tenants.

Our current tenants range from attorneys and accountants, to Indie game developers, a cloud hosting company, software developers and logistics companies who sell their products and services locally and abroad. Regardless of the industry they work in, our tenants benefit from an exceptional value proposition which helps them minimise costs while maximising productivity.

In the spirit of collaboration, we’ve built a vibrant community of people dedicated to building their businesses and as the founder, I’m proud of how far we’ve come.

Here’s to the next 2 years and continued growth for us and our customers!

For more info on how you can join our community, head on over to our homepage for pricing and more information.