Why choose a shared office space?

The idea of working from home has long been sold to entrepreneurs as the holy grail. After all, isn’t it great to have no overheads, spend time with your family and help with the housework while building a successful business? Of course it it, in theory.

Unfortunately despite there being a lot of merit in starting a business from your home-office, you will eventually outgrow it and you will get to a point where constant distractions, coffee shop meetings and 20 hour days start getting the better of you.

95% of our tenants over the past two years reached a point in their businesses where working from home was no longer an option. For some, an expanding family meant that there were too many distractions at home. For others, a growing team meant that they needed more space to work productively and almost exclusively, the lack of a professional space to meet clients meant that they were spending way too much time and money in noisy coffee shops trying to conduct efficient business meetings.

For a small business with a limited number of team members, the cost of renting office space is often daunting. Apart from large lease deposits, high setup and running costs and extra admin to keep everything running smoothly, most small business owners don’t like the idea of signing a two-year lease on office space and personally, I don’t blame them. Businesses are alive and as such, their needs change as they go through different periods of growth. Who’s to say that the 50sqm office you’re signing for now is going to be sufficient in a year’s time? Who knows whether you’ll have the same number of staff members 18 months from now?

Add to this the cost of hardware and monthly rental for networking and internet equipment, insurance, the salary for an office administrator (believe me, you’ll need one) and basic things like utilities and suddenly you have to bring in 20% more business simply to pay for your office space.

That’s where Growth Space comes in. We take care of the admin and give you a chance to focus on the growth of your business while providing a professional business environment with all the tools you need. Affordable monthly rentals which include utilities, fast internet access, meeting rooms and printing facilities mean we keep overheads to a minimum. Short leases give you the opportunity to upscale or downscale your space according to your business needs and we take care of day-to-day tasks like keeping to coffee supplies stocked up and cleaning the offices.

Growth Space caters exclusively for growing small businesses and our rates are much, much better than our competitors who often target large corporates who are simply looking for short term accommodation for their teams. We’re in the business of helping you grow you business and we do that by offering real value and good service.

So, why choose a shared office space? I’ll answer the question with a question… Why not?