Reaching your Business Blogging Potential – Part 3

Just Finished a Blog Post? Here’s What to do Next

While it may take a little longer to implement, reaching the full potential of each business blog post is an important part of creating a website and marketing strategy that promotes and elevates lead generation.

If your blog post doesn’t implement strategies to advance its circulation and exposure, you may as well go stand on a bridge and shout your content into the valley below.

In “Reaching your Business Blogging Potential – Part 2”, we focused on 3 effective strategies for achieving the most out of your business blog:

  • The importance of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Benefits of sharing it on your social pages
  • The often-ignored potential of LinkedIn

In this final part, we focus on effective strategies to implement after your content has been posted on your business blog and social pages.

Send Content to Email List

Building your emailing list is a fundamental part of growing your small business into a position of authority.

Your mailing list provides an easy and effective way to circulate your content, allowing it to reach people that have already proven to have an interest in your brand.

When drawing up your email, it’s important to use vocabulary that will keep it far away from the spam folder.

Many email marketing services will provide best practices and marketing strategy tips to help you along the way.

These services will also provide important feedback that can better help you optimise your emails to allow elevated open rates.

Research shows that about 33% of email recipients will open emails based on the subject line alone – so ensure that it’s catchy and to-the-point.

Many people will only read the subject and first few lines of an email, so it’s vitally important to include your Call to Action early on.

Respond to Comments

Now that your blog post has been published and shared on multiple platforms – the real work begins!

While it may not seem worth your time to respond to comments and questions posted on your content, it goes a long way in proving to your potential clients that you’re dedicated and ready to assist them in any way possible.

Your potential clients are typically spoiled for choice and will not hesitate to turn to your competitors, meaning that you should be willing to do as much as possible to prove your loyalty (and earn theirs in the process).

While it’s a bit more time consuming, commenting on your different commenter’s blogs is also a great way to build brand loyalty as a small business looking to grow.

Blog Regularly

Although it’s often easier said than done, consistency is important for building both brand credibility and search engine ranking.

Considering that many readers simply skim through blog posts, it’s important to keep your content short, to the point and relevant.

This sort of content will be shared much more regularly by your readers – allowing your online presence and brand exposure to grow, bringing in more sales as a result of its expanded reach.

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