Reaching your Business Blogging Potential – Part 2

Just Finished a Blog Post? Here’s What to do Next

Business blogging and successful marketing go together like copy and paste, mac ‘n cheese or bacon and literally anything – granted that each post receives the right amount of time and attention needed to reach its full potential.

While it’s tempting to type and post, if you’re looking to transform your blog into a lead generation beast, it’s important to do everything possible to give your content the chance it deserves!

In “Reaching your Business Blogging Potential – Part 1”, we focused on 3 effective tactics to achieve the most out of your business blog:

  • The Importance of Proofreading
  • The Power of Internal Linking
  • Ways to Encourage Customer Interaction

Let’s delve deeper into how you can make your business blog work for you.

Implement Search Engine Optimisation

If you’re unsure whether Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important part of business blogging, ask yourself this:

“When was the last time I ventured to the 2nd page of a Google Search?”

For all we know, search engines could be hiding the answer to the ultimate question of life on page 6 – but we’d be none the wiser.

With this in mind, ensuring that your website ranks well for business-specific searches is vitally important.

Many blogging systems, such as WordPress, have a number of handy SEO plugins available to help speed up the process.

Once you’ve selected your focus keyword, these plugins will walk you through the optimisation process, providing tips and user-friendly ways to add items such as Meta Descriptions.

Sharing on Social Pages

Whether you’re a fan of social networking websites or not, many of your potential clients will be – making it well worth your time.

This low-cost marketing option is ideal for growing your online presence without having to fork over thousands.

We live in a world filled with clickbait content, which is why it’s vitally important to provide enough information to get clicks – without leaving your visitors feeling cheated or lied to.

Be sure to add a short description of the content (often pulled directly from the article), as well as an accompanying image that relates to the post.

Play around with techniques that encourage clicks and interactions.

Don’t Forget LinkedIn

Many businesses tend to forget about LinkedIn when sharing their content on their social pages, which is a massive error in judgement!

When it comes to reaching potential clients, it’s important to target readers that are interested in your specific industry.

LinkedIn is ideal for highly professional posts, meaning that potential clients will often visit the site when trying to decide which company to approach.

LinkedIn also offers a number of useful tools to companies looking to reach a larger audience.

These tools include:

  • Tracking and important information about the performance and reach of your post
  • A rundown of your post’s engagement rate
  • Useful follower demographics
  • Option to compare your followers and growth over time with other pages similar to yours

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